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Caño Negro Wildlife Refuge

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About Caño Negro Refuge, you must know, that few unscrupulous companies do not take you to the National Refuge of Caño Negro. Instead, they take you to visit similar environments.

Unfortunately, they promote fake and wrong information. They refer to Caño Negro as “(…)one of the most difficult places to independently visit in Costa Rica. It is set in a remote area of the country and is often submerged in water from flooded rivers(…)” or ” In order to visit Caño Negro it is necessary to join a day tour(…)”.

The truth is that to visit Caño Negro, is not necessary to join a day tour. You can easily drive your car to Caño Negro town along road 138. Caño Negro Refuge and its little village are located mid-way between Los Chiles and Upala. The road is bumped? yes, it is. Caño Negro seems to be in a remote area? well yes. And is the reason why Caño Negro Refuge is so full of nature. This is the reason why Caño Negro is a prime hotspot for birdwatchers and nature lovers.

Caño Negro Refuge

When you are properly looking for a pleasant journey to Caño Negro Wildlife Refuge for a boat tour, check first! Be sure that you are visiting the refuge and not any other surrounding area. First of all, to accomplish precisely this, you must travel to the Caño Negro town. Here is the only entrance to the National Refuge.

Said so, you will undoubtedly enjoy your delightful trip around our gorgeous river, lagoons, protected forest, extensive swamps. That, only the Original Caño Negro Refuge can generously offer. This national refuge includes all the habitats for hundreds of species of birds, mammals, reptiles, and amphibians.

So that, to properly discover Caño Negro, a boat tour is the best option all year round. Our boat trip operates into the national refuge of Caño Negro, not out site or closed areas. To achieve the best result, we custom organize them according to your interest, and we arrange only a private or semi-private tour.

What is there to do at the
Cano Negro wildlife refuge in costa rica?

Please keep in mind that Caño Negro Refuge is all about NATURE. Well, in general, Costa Rica tourism is based on ecotourism. Also is important to mention that activities are based on a boat tour in Caño Negro.
Said so, Caño Negro Wildlife Refuge is a major hotspot for birdwatching, is a superb destination for photographers, and in general, is a lovely hotspot for Nature Lover.

So, if you are looking for a place without mass tourists around, where you can enjoy nature peacefully, Caño Negro Refuge is the right place to be for aunique caño negro tour. If you are looking to make ecotourism in Costa Rica, definitely Caño Negro is a must to visit destination.

At Hotel de Campo we specialize in 2 major services: Birdwatching & Photography, and EcoLover boat tour.

Costa Rica Birding Experience
The Great Photography & Birding Hotspot In Costa Rica

Caño Negro is a fantastic Birding and Photography Hotspot. If you wonder… Great Hotspot Where to watch birds in costa rica? Where are great birding hotspot in Costa Rica in one place?The answer is National Refuge of Caño Negro. Caño Negro Birding Tour. We are local, on site, all around the year BIRIDNG. You can’t go wrong!Caño Negro is one of a kind for a pleasant birding vacation in Costa Rica, where you can genuinely enjoy birding and/or photography.

Real Caño Negro Boat Tour
The easy way to know Caño Negro Refuge

First at all, be sure to visit The Original Caño Negro. A boat tour in Caño Negro is the easiest and most comfortable way to get to know the national refuge of Caño Negro. The flora and fauna along the main river always offer extraordinary sights and chances for a great photo. Be prepared to discover as many birds, monkeys, caimans, crocodiles, and turtles, basilisks as possible. Also, the 3 kinds of monkeys, such as the spider, howler, and capuchin monkey, and slots. And sometimes, if you are very lucky, we can cross a jaguar.

Full Day Caño Negro Boat Tour

Full package for 1 night 2 days in Caño Negro

With Hotel de Campo you have the real option to make a Caño Negro day tour. This is because you will be in Caño Negro all day, and 1 night. You can check-in at the hotel at 1 pm, and the check-out the next day is around 11 am. Hotel de Campo is immersed in a large tropical garden in front of the Refuge of Caño Negro. This is already an excellent place to spot birds, and very often see spider monkeys even if you are cooling yourself in the pool of the hotel.
The next day, soon in the morning without traveling for hours from La Fortuna, you will enjoy the real caño negro boat tour.

This offer includes:

  • 1 night at Hotel de Campo, just in front of one of the largest lagoons of Caño Negro Refuge.
  • A pleasant dinner
  • An excellent breakfast
  • and most of all, a fantastic boat tour inside the Refuge of Caño Negro.

How to reach Caño Negro

As we say many times, you can drive to Caño Negro in your car every day of the year.

Caño Negro location is at the northern plane of Costa Rica, between Los Chiles and Upala. The road that communicate Caño Negro is the 138. from Arenal (La Fortuna) is about 2:30 hrs, From Puerto Viejo de Sarapiquí is about 2:45 hrs, from Tenorio Volcano about 1:45.

From La Fortuna to Caño Negro

If you are in the area of the Arenal volcano (La Fortuna), drive north along with route number 142 to El Tanque. Turn left to the next cross and turn right on route number 4 to Muelle, then turn left and take the route 35 north in the direction to Los Chiles, and when you arrive at El Jobo (about 7 km before Los Chiles, turn left on the route 138 to Caño Negro.

From Bijagua to Caño Negro

If you are in Bijagua, follow route number 6 to the north up to the intersection to route number 730. Take right and follow the route up to the intersection with route number 4. Take left and after a few hundred meters, take left in route 138 to Caño Negro Refuge.

If you are in Guanacaste, go to Bijagua, and then follow the same instructions.

From Sarapiqui to Caño Negro

If you are in the Atlantic coast, go to Puerto Viejo de Sarapiquí. From then continue west on route 4 up to Muelle de San Carlos intersection. There take north in the direction of Los Chiles on route number 35. Before Los Chiles, about 7 km, at El Jobo take left on route 138 to Caño Negro Refuge.

From Tenorio to Caño Negro

If you are around Tenorio National Park, drive to the Park entrance, and from there follow the street to Katira. There, turn left on route 4 to Colonia the Puntarenas, and at the next intersection turn right on the route 138 to Caño Negro Refuge.

Explore Caño Negro

What is the best time of year to go to Costa Rica?

Nature is here all year round. So you should ask yourself what kind of activity you are looking for. Keep in mind that in Costa Rica we have 2 seasons: dry and wet (rainy) season. This change Caño Negro ecosystem, and consequently all the animal change their behavior.
So, if you are a birdwatcher, you should ask yourself if you are interested in some particular species, or you like any kind. Or if you love caimans, the dry season is the best moment.

If you have an open agenda, and you do not know when to travel to Costa Rica, write to us and we can help you make a decition.

Hotel in Caño Negro, or vacation rental

Hotel in Caño Negro

Hotel de Campo Caño Negro is the caño negro natural lodge that you are looking for.
It is located just in front of the lagoon, inside a beautiful tropical garden with a swimming pool. Rooms are equipped with a/c, a private bathroom, a hot water shower, with a view of the garden and the pool.

Hotel de Campo caño negro natural lodge
Hotel de Campo caño negro natural lodge
Hotel de Campo caño negro natural lodge
Hotel de Campo caño negro natural lodge

Costa Rica Vacation Rental

A Different Way To Experience Caño Negro Wildlife Refuge Boat Tours And Activities For Birdwatcher & Photographer

Costa Rica Vacation Rentals in Caño Negro, at Casa Mairena can be the right option if you’re looking for a house to rent in Costa Rica, surrounded by nature, proper for nature-lover, for birding, for a photographer, look no further. Not only will you find an almost pristine wildlife refuge in Caño Negro, but we can help you arrange the best excursion for Caño Negro Wildlife Refuge Tour. Rather than staying in a hotel, why not choose a location as unique as you are?

Those EcoNature Vacation Packages include the minimum advisable boat tour or hiking tour to properly discover Caño Negro. Doesn’t matter if you are a nature lover, a beginner or advanced birder, or a a photographer, we have the tour in Caño Negro that fits you. Let’s go discover Caño Negro together, you will have a great time.
EcoNature packages by Hotel de Campo, are prepared for those people that would like to see all but are not deeply into birding and/or photography.

2 days - 1 night
Easy EcoNature
This package includes:
1 overnight
1 semi-private 2 hrs boat tour
1 dinner
1 breakfast
3 days - 2 nights
EcoNature Plus
This package includes:
2 overnights
1 semi-private 3 hrs boat tour
2 dinners
2 breakfasts
4 days - 3 nights
Extra EcoNature
This package includes:
3 overnights
2 semi-private 3hrs boat tours
3 dinners
3 breakfasts 

Those Birding & Photography Vacation Packages include the minimum advisable boat tour or hiking tour to properly discover Caño Negro. They are prepared for those people that are really into birding and photography. Let’s go find that bird you are looking for, let’s take the shot of your vacation, you will have a great time.

3 days - 2 nights
Agami Package
This package includes:
2 overnights
Up to 8 hrs of private tours
2 dinners
2 Brunch (or breakfast)
4 days - 3 nights
Jabiru Package
This package includes:
3 overnights
Up to 12 hrs of private tours
3 dinners
3 Brunch (or breakfast)
5 days - 4 nights
Pinnated Bittern Package
This package includes:
4 overnights
Up to 15 hrs of private tours
(during the dry season we can include Medio Queso)
4 dinners
4 Brunch (or breakfast)

caño negro costa rica facts

When is Cano Negro Wildlife Refuge open?

Cano Negro Wildlife Refuge is always open, every day, 365 days per year. You can come to Caño Negro whenever you want.

What are Caño Negro Wildlife Refuge (Refugio Nacional de Vida Silvestre Mixto Caño Negro) hours of operation?

Operation hours for Caño Negro Wildlife Refuge (Refugio Nacional de Vida Silvestre Mixto Caño Negro) is from sunrise to sunset.
And for the night time? Do not worry, we have it cover. It is also possible go for frogs (during the rainy season) and also owl and/or other night birds just outside the refuge.

What's the best way to see Cano Negro Wildlife Refuge?

First of all, be sure to choose The Original Caño Negro Refuge. To do this, you have to travel to Caño Negro town. By car is the easy way.
Then, to enjoy the nature of Caño Negro Refuge, you have to take a boat. Remember that Caño Negro is a wetland, and all the activities are always by boat.

What's the best way to experience Caño Negro Wildlife Refuge (Refugio Nacional de Vida Silvestre Mixto Caño Negro)?

From Caño Negro town, take a boat for your trip. It is a wetland. It doesn’t matter if you are a birdwatcher, a photographer, a nature lover… the best experience in Caño Negro is by boat.
It is more than advisible that a good paire of binocular is a must to have equipment, always with you.
In case you are travelling during the rainy season, have with you a good rain coat, and rubber boots are always the best and cheaper solution.
During the dry season, a good pair of choose is a great idea. Avoid open shoose, flip flops or similar items.

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